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Mobile broadband allows the flexibility of gaining internet access without being connected to any fixed line. You simply need to plug the wireless router or dongle to your computer's USB and be online instantly! 3  Broadband providers have taken their service of  Broadband very seriously and today they have slashed their monthly charge on Broadband Max package for their existing customers by a substantial 50% and increased their download limit of 7 GB to 15 GB and have thus become touted as Britain's undisputed Champions!

This service is very easy for setting up and convenient to use. You can access the 3 broadband services from your home, your workplace, or even when you are on the move. The 3 network gives you a choice between the options of 'Pay Monthly' and 'Pay As You Go'. The latter option is similar to the former except that it requires you to purchase a modem which costs £28.78. It will also give you the modem for free save on the 12th month of cheapest tariff where you will have to pay £48.  

The 'Pay Monthly' 3 Broadband packages are of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. For a one year membership there are Broadband Lite, Broadband Plus and Broadband Max packages that will charge you £10, £15 and £25 respectively. Furthermore, you have the choice between opting for a speed of 1GB, 5GB, and 7GB to the fastest broadband speed of 15 GB per month.

Some USB Modem Dongles offered by 3  Broadband include the Huawei E156, ZTE MF627, Huawei E160G and Huawei E169.   Some prestigious awards won by 3 Broadband Providers are Mobile Awards for MOKO at the MEFFYs June 2007, Communications Innovation Content Award for SeeMeTV in the FT World Communication Awards 2006, Best 3G Operator and Best Internet Service at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards in London in 2006 and the Consumer Innovation Award. 3 network has realised their need to remain cost-effective and competitive in the rapidly evolving market of mobile broadband.

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For more Broadband information on 3 Mobile please go here http://broadbandoracle.co.uk/provider/three.

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3 Mobile Broadband Information

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This article was published on 2010/03/31