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Alltel is a cellular phone company with a customer base in excess of 15 million across 36 states offering local and long-distance telephone, Internet and high-speed data services. Residential subscribers can avail of Alltel broadband wired services through DSL or cable modems, while businesses are offered T1 lines. Alltel also offers wireless broadband connections through Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) technology whose speeds are comparable to DSL.
DSL Broadband
Alltel's DSL broadband services have attracted a large number of subscribers. It offers speeds 50 times speedier than dial up connections. It offers two types of DSL broadband services: DSL and DSL Lite.
·   DSL:
- 50 times faster than dial up connections
- Second phone line not required
- 5 free addresses each with 10 MB capacity
- Home Web page with storage capacity up to 10 MB
·   DSL Lite:
- 8 times faster than dial up connections
- Second phone line not required
- 5 free addresses each with 10 MB capacity
- Home Web page with storage capacity up to 10 MB
You can avail of further add-ons, such as DSL Protection Plus and Home Networking products and services among others. Businesses can go for either the high speed T1 connections or DSL business packages.
The advantages with DSL connections are that your phone lines won't get tied up any more. You can simultaneously surf the net, talk on your phone, and send and receive faxes. You get faster and powerful Internet speeds that are also very reliable. You can upload and download files from the Internet without any interruption.
Through Alltel's DSL broadband services you can keep in touch with your family and friends, download music, send emails, browse the net, and watch videos and other entertainment stuff.
EVDO Wireless Broadband
Alltel's Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) wireless broadband offers Internet connectivity at speeds as fast as DSL or cable connections. You can enjoy unlimited access to the net through this next generation of EVDO technology.
Browsing the net, accessing emails, downloading files - text and graphic, business and entertainment news; all this from your Alltel smartphones and handsets, and also from your laptops and notebooks. Alltel offers its EVDO broadband services with an average speed of 400 - 700 Kbps. You can access at a maximum speed of nearly 2.4 Mbps.
Alltel broadband wireless service is an unmatched experience, both for domestic users and young professionals on the go. This is because of its fast and reliable service.
Alltel's Axcess broadband services with unlimited usage come with voice plans for $40.00, a steep $20 drop from the earlier price of $59.99! It supports a wide range of applications in addition to enabling you access to more than 25 channels on Alltel's Axcess TV. You also get access to XM radio and a plethora of satellite radio music channels.
Now is the time for you to experience the advantages Internet has to offer!
All you need to do is pick up an Alltel phone with EVDO capability. MOTOKRZR K1m is just such a handset for you.

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Alltel Broadband

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