BT Broadband is Still a Force

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Now you can get up to £30 off on your bill when you opt for BT Total broadband! BT broadband offers a wide range of upgrades and packages in order to suit individual users. Membership to this service will also allow you to set up parental filters for the benefit of your children and even give you protection against viruses, junk mail, online intruders, pop-ups, and spam. Its reliability and commendable customer service has made it popular in recent times.
According to PC Advisor broadband Awards of 2007, BT Broadband has received many esteemed awards such as The Most Popular ISP, The Best Uncapped Broadband, Best Small ISP, Best Broadband Bundle, Best Phone and Web Bundle, Most Reliable ISP, and Broadband Customer Service Award.
In terms of packages, this network has 3 basic options known as fast & reliable, Heavy usage and unlimited that are available at £7.78, £13.69 and £18.59 a month at the initial phase respectively. Some common features in these packages are the inclusion of BT Home Hub and download speed of up to 8 Mb. Another package called 'Anywhere' is available at £23.48 per month.
The Option 1 package provides basic security, 250 Wi-Fi minutes a month and 10GB monthly usage. Option 2 will give you advanced McAfee security, 350 Wi-Fi minutes a month and 20GB monthly usage. Option 3 offers Hub Phone, unlimited usage, Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes and advanced McAfee security. The 'Anywhere' packages some extra benfits of BT ToGo, low cost calls to mobiles and BT ToGo smart mobile phone.
Nowadays, BT business broadband is offering a free mobile broadband connection if you go in for the 24-Month contract on its Option 4 of business-class package of broadband network. The 8Mb ADSL contract for broadband is specifically designed for small business usage. You can thus share your business broadband connection with few people nearby and get a superior customer and broadband service and fast speed.
With a connection of BT broadband, you can get a free wireless router for your business or home and even free WiFi minutes at BTOpenZone hotspots. You can also upgrade to a special gaming account to play PS2 and xbox games online.

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BT Broadband is Still a Force

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This article was published on 2010/03/31