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Apart from being the leading broadband service provider to innumerable residential customers in the UK, BT broadband specialises in providing the best broadband solutions to business clients as well. They provide services that are tailored especially for SME clients of all varieties. All the packages of BT business broadband provide for the best connection speeds of 8Mbps along with high quality features of security, wireless BT Hub thus enabling for convenient, secure and space-efficient wireless networking around your office.
Having won prestigious awards such as Reader's Digest's Trusted Brand Award in2009, Award for No 1 Wireless Broadband, ISP of the Year Award at the MacUser Awards in 2007 and Personal Computer World Awards in 2005, BT broadband also provides Wi-Fi minutes for usage in Wi0Fi hotspots in BT's Openzone. BT Total Broadband offers a 99% reliable and dependable business strength fastest broadband and includes a mobile dongle broadband with their flexible package.
BT Business Total broadband comes in three distinct options. The Option 1 or Basic is available from only £12.50 per month (excluding VAT) and offers up to 8Mb, Optional router at £59(excluding VAT), 10GB monthly usage and 50 Wi-Fi minutes every month.
The Option 2 or Professional can be availed at a price from £25.00 a month (excluding VAT). It provides fair use policy applies, 250 Wi-Fi minutes from BT Openzone allowing 250 Wi-Fi minutes per month, up to 8Mb, Wireless BT Business Hub with a built-in firewall, and unlimited usage allowance.
The Option 3 or Flexible of BT Total Broadband is available from £30.00 a month (excluding VAT) and will provide you with up to 8Mb, fair use policy, wireless router, unlimited usage allowance, is inclusive of mobile broadband dongle with a 1GB data usage and includes BT Openzone voucher providing 500 Wi-Fi minutes per month.
BT business offers 3 packages such as the 'Broadband and calling package' that is available at £30 per month the 'Broadband, calling package and BlackBerry' at £50.25per month and finally the 'Broadband, calling package, BlackBerry and mobile broadband' at £70.25 per month. All these prices are exclusive of VAT.

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BT Business Broadband

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This article was published on 2010/03/31