The Variety of Broadband Options Available in Different Price Ranges

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Broadband is constantly changing. Making sure you have the best deal for your needs can be difficult. The best broadband deal available is different for different people i.e. families, single people, house shares, and budget buyers. Packages available also differ depending on region and the strength of the internet connection provided in the area.


There are different types of broadband allowance. The choices are: capped, 'unlimited', and 'Truly unlimited'. 'Capped' usage is when the provider allows you for instance, 40Gb, of downloading a month. This 40Gb translates as or equates to thousands of web pages, and emails, and 2 hours of live streaming per gigabyte. 'Unlimited' is a term for a broadband connection with a fair usage policy. It will be an undefined number which will limit your usage if you use what the policy defines as enough. Often policies don't reveal how much or little the fair usage policy allows. This will mean that if you have teenage children this might not be the best policy as they could easily download all day and night. 'Truly unlimited' means that you can have utterly unlimited download capabilities with no fair usage policy is attached.


There are dongles which are portable internet connections which plug into your computer or laptop via a USB connector. These have caps on allowance and a specific speed of accessing the internet. 


What determines the usability of these allowances is the speed at which you access the internet. 14mb is currently available as standard in Bristol, UK. 16mb, 30mb, even up to 100mb is available but the packages of these which you can get from your broadband provider are often linked up as high speed - with a fair usage policy, mixed speeds with a cap which differ in price and a decent speed with no cap, although these are more expensive it stops the service charges being applied for going over the limit of your fair usage.


Extremely low priced 'unlimited' packages with a fair usage policy may not give you a great deal of allowance but if you are an individual or couple who do not use the internet very much this would be a good option. With a capped package you know what you are getting and when you will be charged if you go over the limit, this is a good budget option with a fair amount of usage. If you watch a lot of online video and movies a 'Truly Unlimited' package would be best for you. However, there is yet to be a connection in Bristol with extraordinary speed, it is mostly around the 16mb download speed.


There is a great flexibility in the range of deals. To pick the most suitable deal it helps to have an understanding of the way you or your household uses the internet.



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The Variety of Broadband Options Available in Different Price Ranges

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The Variety of Broadband Options Available in Different Price Ranges

This article was published on 2012/05/11